How To Choose Your Plan

We offer a MINI PLAN for clients needing just a front OR back yard to be designed (up to 1/2 acre max size) and we offer a FULL PLAN for clients interested in having their entire yard designed (front, back, and sides up to 1 acre max size).

With either the MINI or the FULL plan, you must also decide if you would like our BASIC design elements to be included or if you would prefer our PREMIUM design elements.

BASIC design elements can include the proposed design and suggested locations for: driveways, parking areas, sidewalks, trees, shrubs, ground covers, lawns, lighting, fencing, and drainage elements such as surface water catch basins and underground drainage piping.

PREMIUM design elements can include all of the above plus the proposed design and suggested locations for: a new wooden deck, a patio, seating walls, fire pit, fire place, swimming pool, spa, pond-type water features, streams/rock creek beds, retaining walls, sports courts, and children's play equipment areas.

Below you will have the opportunity to select the plan that best suites your particular needs/wish list and click SUBMIT. You will then be taken to a credit card processing page following which you will be taken to your Customer Project Page where your project will begin. The Customer Project Page will be where you communicate with your Landscape Architect via our messaging system, answer a detailed Questionnaire regarding your likes and dislikes about each design element you require, and upload the photographs and documents necessary for us to prepare your plan. This project management page is essential to your project and a fun way to stay involved with your design. From this page you can also send and receive files to/from your personal Gallery as well as receive important tips and documents from your Landscape Architect.  We keep this page open and active for 12 months AFTER your design has been completed so that you can have an open line of communication with your Landscape Architect. This is our way of helping to ensure your project is successful.

And should you be a returning customer or a contractor with an additional project, simply log in with your existing email address on file and our system will allow you to track ALL of your projects, past and present, from one management page!

We look forward to working with you and please feel free to use our Contact Us page should you have any questions.


Select your Plan